La grandezza delle mani

16 June – 30 July 2016

La grandezza delle mani (The Greatness of the Hands)

OPENTOUR | the students of the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna in the galleries of Associazione Gallerie d’Arte Ascom Bologna


curated by Lelio Aiello and Massimo Marchetti

selection of students from the master’s program in Visual Arts:

Francesca Bertazzoni, Gerardo Brentari, Edoardo Ciaralli, Gianni D'Urso, Mimì Enna, Marco Fontichiari, Luca Lo Giudice, Floriana Mitchell, Flavio Pacino, Giulia Poppi, Lucrezia Roncadi, Cherry Lill, Noemi Bigelli


Opening Thursday 16 June h. 18-23

On view from 16 June to 30 July 2016


This event marks the completion of an exhibition project that involves, for the first time, an important institution – the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna – and the Associazione Gallerie d’Arte Ascom of Bologna, in the recognition and professional channeling of the creativity generated in the Academy, inside the places set aside for the “trade” of the artist: art galleries whose activities are exclusively focused on art at a professional level. Already several months ago an official agreement was made between Associazione Gallerie and the Academy to make the relationship between the two as institutional as possible, and professors at the school were asked to propose an exhibition project to the galleries participating in the initiative. Every gallery chose not only to host an exhibition in its spaces, but also to actively take part in the proposals of the teachers, monitoring all the phases of the process in the practical development of an exhibition event. This work made it possible to structure not mere end-year projects, but true exhibitions, giving the students a chance to enter the “working world” for the first time, in professional places set aside for the selection, promotion and sale of art: the galleries that are members of Associazione Gallerie d’Arte Ascom Bologna.

P420, the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna and Ascom are proud to present “La grandezza delle mani,” a group show curated by Lelio Aiello and Massimo Marchetti, featuring works by students in the master’s program in visual arts. For a young artist in a crucial moment of training, the chance to directly interact with a protagonist of the world of art, to understand his career and to establish a relationship, including moments of discussion and informal conversation, is probably one of the most precious experiences a school can offer. This year the students of the course in Techniques and Technologies of the Visual Arts, through a series of encounters organized during the recent exhibition at Galleria P420, had the possibility of an experience of this type with Paolo Icaro. During the encounters, the young artists began to work on their own projects, thinking about the main themes of Icaro’s research, such as the relationship between space and body, measurement and autobiography. Their projects, now in final form, are on display at Galleria P420 in an exhibition of proposals, experiments and explorations.