Giorgio Ciam, Peter Dreher, Peter Hutchinson, , Richard Nonas, Antonio Scaccabarozzi, Franco Vaccari

Un'opera x un libro d'artista

06 September – 06 October 2012

In honour of the Artelibro Art Book Festival being held this month in Bolo- gna, P420 has selected seven artists, each of whom will be represented by one art book and a pertinent piece of art. For Giorgio Ciam the art book chosen is Essere un altro (1974) and the photograph Sui peli (1972), for Peter Dreher the book is Day by day good day 1974-2012 (2012) and some pieces from the same series. The book Year (1979) and Narrative Art photographic piece October (1978) represent Peter Hutchinson, for Paolo Icaro the art book Memo Pad (1973) is on display and a piece from the ‘misure corporali’ series and for Richard Nonas the book A Hundred Thirty Five Eskimo Nights (1999) has been chosen and the sculpture Y-posts (2009). Antonio Scaccabarozzi is represented by a piece from the ‘po- lietileni’ series and an art book released as a single copy and made entirely in polyethylene and finally for Franco Vaccari the art book Per un trattamento completo (1971) and a piece relevant to that same action were chosen.